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Tips, Verbal And Quant Tests, Dedicated Reading and Vocab Sections: : What more do you need for your perfect GRE Prep? We have all the bases covered; simply visit this section on a daily basis to ace GRE.

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Words are super important for the GRE. And we place special focus on them in our ‘Vocabulary section’. Tests are important as they help you assess yourself, and we have the Test-Hub for it. Reading Skills are absolutely required to do well in the exam, and we provide reading tips on a daily basis. Quantitative Reasoning and Essay Writing require special attention and we have special sections for those. Well, doesn’t this cover the whole GRE exam? Well, it pretty much does and this is what you EXPERIENCE at WORDPANDIT. Use our 4-month plan and resources to ace the GRE and this is all for FREE.

Prep Plan: Daily Study Tips

Study material sorted daywise

120 Day GRE Prep Course Offers you the perfect method to prepare: a free day-wise course that you begin whenever you want. Start exploring the daily study material.
Test Hub: Tests for You

Tests divided topic wise

We offer the complete range of practice you need for the exam, from Text Completion to Sentence Equivalence to RCs to Quantitative Reasoning.
Article Zone: Blogs for You

Blogs and Articles on Different Facets of the GRE

Need expert advice on Vocabulary and Reading? Need tips about how to pace an exam? Need to know more about the GRE? We have the information for you here.

What you need to learn words

Awesome Resources Needed.
Step-1 of the process is simple one: you need awesome resources that make the job easier for you. We do out bit in this part with some fairly above average content.

Develop an Approach
Step 2 of journey revolves around developing an approach for learning Maths. You need to figure a method that works for you and which are the topics you are comfortable with.

Some Decent Advice
You do need some decent advice and inputs that would ease the process for you. Learning Maths, on a number of occasions, seems like an impossible task and we fear the process. Don’t worry, we will help you get over your fears.

And some motivation
Last but not the least, oodles of motivation would certainly help. Couple that with a genuine reason for learning words, whether that might be tutoring a girl or clearing an exam (we view both as onerous tasks), you have got the right reasons to become a wizard of mathematics.


  • “Wordpandit offered me the perfect way to learn, combining visuals with words. Trust me, learning words was a lot easier as soon as I started using Wordpandit.”
    Mamta Bansal - IIM Udaipur
  • “I used Wordpandit for language training. The holistic approach, encompassing every area of the language meant that for the firs time, i had a chance to learn English in the easiest possible manner.”
    Sahil Bansal - MDI, Gurgaon